Mantsopa Spring Water


The Legend

A long, long time ago in a land not so far from here a powerful prophetess was born, named Mantsopa. She was believed to hold the gift to see into the future and to communicate with the ancestors.

Over the years her power grew, but she was to pay a high price for her calling. The king of this land came to learn of the prophetess's powers, and of the many people who believed and followed her vision. He became concerned that she would one day overthrow his rule, for a woman with such great power was a sure threat to his leadership. The king exiled Mantsopa from his kingdom never to return again.

Mantsopa fled and in a time of loneliness and sorrow found refuge in the valley of Modderpoort.

It was here, in this valley that she was to discover a spring of fresh water. The ancestors told her that this spring was sacred; she later came to believe that the water of this sacred spring held healing qualities.

To this day Pilgrims from all over Southern Africa, travel many miles to Modderpoort Mission to pay respects to the memory of their prophetess and to collect water from the sacred spring.

Available in 500 ml

500 ml bottle               St. Augustines